About Us


FSSNYC is a Certified Public Accountant with several years of public accounting experience working with a wide range of businesses, industries, and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. FSSNYC clientele is primarily based in the Greater New York metropolitan area.

FSSNYC employs a proactive planning approach, saving his clients hundreds and thousands of tax dollars. He has been associated with several prestigious accounting firms during his professional career. He presently

serves as a senior consultant for a Long Island CPA firm; along with his own accounting firm, FSSNYC P.C. located in Valley Stream.

FSSNYC has built his reputation on minimizing his clients’ tax profile while maximizing their financial health.  He is committed to a relentless pursuit of identifying every legal tax and accounting strategy available to his clients, along with a meticulous and thorough analysis of each client’s specific circumstances. He has helped several clients set up now-successful small to medium-sized businesses throughout the country.

FSSNYC’s mission is the success of your business. He provides useful service at affordable prices and is committed to going the extra mile – all while meeting federal, state, and municipal deadlines.  He knows how valuable your business is to you and gives you his personal attention and understanding. FSSNYC is particularly committed to transparency in numbers and is dedicated to helping you understand your business and its potential as never before.

Wali has an inspiring story. Not only is he a noted and accomplished accountant, but he is also the living embodiment of the American Dream. FSSNYC came to the US from India as a student, hailing from a lower middle-class family that struggled to get by. His parents put a high premium on education for FSSNYC, and despite their financial hardships, they backed up their beliefs by using the little money they did have to send him to a private school in India.

Today, FSSNYC runs a successful accounting practice and hopes to use his experience both professional and life to better the situation of all his clients. FSSNYC is a husband, as well as a father to a young son. He and his family reside in Valley Stream, NY, and are truly living the American Dream.