Accounting Services

Accounting Solutions

Accounting Services

Payroll/Bookkeeping services:

Get services tailored to your needs. Spend your time building your business and your profits; we will handle your bookkeeping, payroll, record keeping, report filing, and more! We provide the following services:

» Paying bills and managing accounts payable.

» Handling all payroll functions, including quarterly and annual payroll tax reports.

» Invoicing your customers, posting collections, aging accounts receivables.

» Reconciling your bank accounts and providing cash balance reports.

» Maintaining sales journal and general ledgers.

» Preparing all required business tax reports and filings.

» Preparing any customized reports you find useful.

Where do we begin?

We will work with you to identify the services you need then we will set up a schedule so that data is collected, recorded, and handled efficiently and in a timely manner.

How much will it cost?

We offer useful services for affordable prices to our valuable clients. Every customer is worthy of our personal attention. You are likely to save more than our services cost. Your in-house staff needs will probably be reduced, so will your associated employee costs such as payroll taxes, employee benefits, training time and expense, equipment and software costs, and employee management costs. Best of all your bookkeeping and accounting functions will be taken care of, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Contact us to get a free estimate of the cost savings for your business.

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“I was recommended to FSSNYC of Financial Scope from my dear friend. Her mom and many of her office colleagues had been using him for years. We have been with him now for over five years and are so pleased with his service. From the beginning, Wali was so informative and knowledgeable in advising me over the phone. He was patient and very thorough. They are by far the fastest, most reliable, and affordable accounting services we have ever used. They made the entire process so simple and stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone from large businesses to self-employed.”

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